About ARW

What is American Rescue Workers?

ARW is a church and non-profit organization that provides spiritual and material aid to those in need. We seek to impact and help change the lives of those who may be overlooked and neglected by society, or those in need of spiritual guidance. This includes the homeless population in the Baltimore region, those struggling with addictions, impoverished children/families, or those who feel hopeless and downtrodden due to life challenges. Our mission is simple: to love and serve Jesus Christ through serving others.

How do you help?

We are a small church, dependant on donations of various types, offering the following outreach ministries and services free of charge to those in need:

*   Various adult and youth weekly BIBLE STUDIES,
     discipleship training classes.
*   Residential WORK/SERVICE opportunities designed
     to help men seek, obtain and remain employed.
*   VAN SERVICE for those needing a ride to church. 
*   We operate a THRIFT STORE on W.Baltimore St.
     A full range of items are available for discount prices.

Never heard of ARW?

 Founded as a religious  and charitable organization in 1884 (Chester A. Arthur was the U.S. President!), ARW grew to become a national organization in 48 of our 50 states.The Baltimore chapter was begun in 1904, and since that time we have carried the love of Christ to those in need. Quietly. Behind the scenes. Faithfully carrying out our work in a Christ centered,ethically minded stewardship of every area of our ministries.

Will you help us to continue helping others?

* Donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. We will gladly
   provide you with a receipt of your gift to us.
* Support us financially online, by mail, over the phone.
* Donate new or gently used household items, clothes,
  linens, furniture, or electronics,to our Thrift Store.
  We will pick your items up free!
Donate food or canned goods.
* Donate cleaning supplies like bleach, or consumables
   such as toilet paper or aluminum foil.

Questions? Contact us, or explore our website.


3599 East Northern Parkway,Baltimore, MD 21206


 Thrift Store: 2441 W.Baltimore St. 
                                     Baltimore, MD 21223
                                     Office: M - F   10 AM to 4:30PM
                                     Store:M - Sat  10 AM to 4:30PM
                                     Closed Sundays