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1401 S.Hanover St. Baltimore MD 


Rev. Major Tony Bell and  Major Tonya Bell,



As you take the time to navigate through our site, you will be introduced to the many-faceted ministries of American Rescue Workers. We are not just a homeless shelter, nor are we just a church, just a substance abuse recovery program, just a children's ministry. We reach out to the entire community, to the entire family unit, to the entire person with the love of Jesus Christ. Through meeting the spiritual and material needs of the lost and hurting, we extend the healing hands of our Savior to a broken world.

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American Rescue Workers

An ordinary Church doing the extraordinary!

1401 S. Hanover Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
 (410) 566-3300{office}   (410) 539-0816{church}

A church/non-profit organization, motivated by the love of God to give spiritual and material aid to those in need, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, or age.



VISIT and COMFORT the sick and imprisoned;
CLOTHE the naked;
FEED the hungry
and QUENCH their thirst;
RELEASE those who are in captivity to sin;
And RELIEVE the oppressed

In so doing, we reap a great eternal reward. Jesus promised that inasmuch as we care for those with the greatest needs, we are serving Him.


We love to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in all that we do! Can you see it in our faces?


Thank you for visting us today!

Please excuse our website as we contiune to remodel!

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